Anatomy of a Commission – Day 6

Today and yesterday I really pushed to get the last piecing done, with a self imposed deadline of this afternoon.

The final size is to be approx 2ft x 3 ft, so this is about 3’4″ x 2’6″, as it will ddraw up in the quilting

Over the next few days I will be communicating with the client, who can if she wishes at this stage propose any minor change; and then within the next few days then it will be layered and basted. While those processes going on, and while I do things like have some overdue (about 30 years overdue!) beauty treatments, a medical appointment and lunch with the girls, I will be mulling over the thread to use in the machine quilting I plan to do, metallic gold? metallic bronze? neon pink or orange? a change of neons from top to bottom? a change of metallics from top to bottom?… or something else I haven’t thought about yet…

And then there’s the matter of to bind or face, but during the fabric and scrap auditioning phase, I found a couple of great binding potential bits, both long enough although from other projects: so, a firm believer in the ability of the mind to quietly work on this over time, I will get them out and pin up beside the quilt to look at as I decide the other things.

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2 Responses to “Anatomy of a Commission – Day 6”

  1. joyce says:

    I like your method of sewing a bit and then letting the ideas jell for a couple of days. The results are wonderful. What is it about scraps? THe more you use, the more there are in the pile. I have one bag that grew to three in a few months. Impossible to explain.

  2. Nellie Bass Durand says:

    Glorious! I feel as much awe looking at this unfinished piece filling my computer screen as I would if I were viewing the real thing.

    Talk about “string” quilting!

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