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Segmented Designs 2

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Experimenting with little bits of metallic leather applied with metallic stitchery met the requirements of the SAQA auction. It arrived safely. Mosaic quilt blog

Mosaic Pathway, 2016.  12″ x 12″    SAQA Online Auction 2016.

With the silver mylar stuff  I mentioned last post, I’ve since begun a reasonably large piece, 90cm x 120cm   It is feather light, compared to what something similar using leather, obviously!    One thing about this stuff is, that when ironed from the wrong side after being attached, the cut edges pleasingly sort of round off, as if trying to turn under, which gives a nice smooth finish which you may be able to pick out on the sample on the very left side of the collage below –

Mosaic design silver pathway blog.

If it all turns out satisfactorily in accordance with how it’s going so far, I could enter it in Quilt National, so that’s probably the last you’ll see of any of it until it’s exhibited somewhere.

New Work, Featuring Green

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

mostly about green web


With working title  ‘Mostly about Green’,  this is a detail of a work in progress, showing  the wonderful black chintz background before and after quilting.   The quilting along the edges of the strip inserts is very bright green, fluorescent.   Green is my absolute  favourite colour, just in case the red one I posted a week or two back  fooled you  ;-p    This one belongs to my Ebb & Flow series, certainly, and although both are about colour, I think the ‘Mostly About Red’ one one belongs to the Tracks series.   If you read both series statements you might agree or not, and feel free to comment – but it’s my say !

New Small Works

Friday, March 16th, 2012

"Flowlines 8"

This is a 15cm sq miniature quilt mounted on a 20cm sq painted art stretcher, as much of my recent small works have been, and seeing as how I am using the lines and the grey fabric it seems logical to just continue on with the naming of them.  It’s one of several using the wonderful grey fabric.  Back  last year I did several others including this one with very Aus Outback colouring :

"Flowlines 10"

but I haven’t continued this colour group since I don’t have any of the shiny black left.  But never mind: as I said in the previous post, the wonderful thing about fabric is there’s always more.  As all quilt makers know, it may not be quite the same as you had before  -and there are some fabulous quilts both antique and modern showing the quiltmaker ran out of one fabric and used another that doesn’t quite match.  It’s an accepted part of the whole quilt heritage thing.   And that’s  OK too, as  many people believe nothing man-made can be really ‘perfect’ anyway.   Or, to put another way,  machine-made objects turn out exactly alike, unless the machine goes haywire or materials have defects, but the artist-craftsman produces things that show differences even if they carefully follow a pattern or template.

My regular readers will be interested to know that today a friend and I are to visit a Uruguayan woman who can tell me something of the belief system behind the beach offerings I find so fascinating.  She’s asked me to bring a flash drive to download some of the material she has – marvellous – and then it occurred to me to download some of my more interesting photos to take along to her for comment – which I hope will be enlightening!  Oh, and she does tarot readings too, so as its been several years since I had a reading, I’ll have one today.



Wonderful Fabric Find

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Flowlines #2, 12″ x 16″

I found this lovely plain, soft grey fabric several weeks ago on a remnant stall at the sunday markets.  It jumped up and down saying “Pick me! pick me!” and so I bought 5m @ what I thought was a good price, 100 pesos/m  (about  US$5 / meter).   It’s  cotton, about 60″ wide, which is unusual here in uruguay, and has a very slight sheen on one side.  It also contains about 5% viscose according to the stall holder.   While I worked with it during the following week, I had two thoughts – (1) ‘cheap’ as it was in Aus or US terms,  I should have haggled a bit over it, and (2) I should have offered to buy the lot – it was after all a remnant of hard to find cotton fabric, likely to never be repeated, etc.   It was so nice to work with, and these thoughts persisted, so last weekend I went back.  And after a search, the woman found the rest of the bolt which amounted to 6 and 1/2m, and sold the lot of me for $300,   US $15.  So averaging, yes it was a good price/metre.  I have also done some very small pieces using it as a background, and am having them photographed today.

So I’m happy with about  8-9 m in my stash, and will be using a lot more of this wonderful grey, until it runs out !  The stall holder is always there, I have bought things from her before, and this time left a card with my contact details on it asking her to  please phone me if she gets in any other plain cotton fabric with no designs on it.  Such stuff is needle-in-haystack value for patchworkers here.  And yet this fabric is so nice, a finer quality than any of the plains I have brought back from Aus or the US down the years.   I’ll be sorry when it’s all used up – but hey, it’s a wonderful thing about fabric that no matter where you are there is always some wonderful find of unusual quality or marvellous colour that  pops up unexpectedly to demand a purchase….

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