Covid, Coffins, Syringes, Masks

May 5th, 2021

This morning, after letting the dog out just after 4am, it took a while to get back to sleep, and thinking around my Pandemic Pattern series and the grids I love so much, I realised there are possibilities here to combine traditional block layouts with motifs instead of different fabrics in the squares for 9 Patch, Trip Around The World or something else …. I’ll have to explore techniques, as I rather like the idea of some hand-drawn looking images – and I do still have at least ~5750m neon threads ­čÖé

A quick diagram of covid, coffins, syringes and masks.

Bonded Shapes, Samples Continue

May 4th, 2021

Though I’m continuing on with the back and gold hand appliqued piece, each day I’m also doing a small sample of something, two recent ones being in this post. Not taking long over making or posting them … this is a visual diary, after all, not a half day workshop ­čÖé

In the first, I’m still thinking about the corona virus – aren’t we all, all of the time? Bonded neon fabrics, neon threads, stemmed french knots … and by the time I’d gone this far, I could see that the weight of thread I have, which is like a large buttonhole twist or upholstery sewing thread, makes a nice looking virus unit stitched into the smaller circles of fabric. So, if I wanted to make a large piece, I’d need heaps and heaps of little circles. Time’s not especially important – after all, there’s a pandemic on. The new infection numbers in Uruguay are better than they were a few weeks ago, but still awful compared with 2020. There are still 6 more weeks until my second Pfizer shot, and then the post vaccination wait of 2-3 weeks … so I’m still not nearly ready to resume any in-person social life, inside or out.

In the next sample I tried a couple of things with my favourite little segmented landscape block.

Some Bigger Shapes Next

April 26th, 2021

I made this diptych, “Sweat Of The Sun; Tears Of The Moon” in 2071. It didn’t make the cut for some exhibition I entered it into and the only place, so far, that it’s been shown is the quilt festival at Gramado, Brasil, where I taught in 2019. I love it, so much so that I took a row of 4 blocks of the sun side for my most recent business card image. It’s a simple design, and the above link shows how it evolved from a quick little demo.

Possibly because with the Pandemic Pattern works I’ve done lately, I’m ready to work with some larger shapes for a while. I’m considering something using this design large enough to go on our dining area wall, which needs a 220cm – 225cm wide work.

“Sweat Of The Sun; TearsOf The Moon”, 2018. 125cm x 60cm

To think of colour possiblities and the larger scale it’s easier to go to black/white. 225cm doesn’t sensibly divide by 6, so making rows 7 units long, would give 7 x 32cm finished units – 224cm, close enough to what’s there now.

Possibilities include:

  • The current hanging on that wall is black and gold. I could replace it with something using black fabrics marked with gold dabs and marks, and do some cream or other plain light colour with black markings; then cut half moons and the other segments out of those and assemble, before quilting in gold, bronze or coppery metallic.
  • I have some lovely colours from purple through red to orange – and could then quilt in neons.
  • I could make it in earthy colours and quilt in cream.
  • I could make it in dark black-grey neutrals with quilting in neon green and yellow.

Anyway, that’s in the future – there’s still a fair bit of work to go on the black/light gold applique one which I’ve taken up again to finish while I make one or two neon samples each day. And though we’re all set to receive our covid vaccinations between this week and mid June, we’ll be living with the pandemic and the limitations it’s brought for some time to come, at least.

Bonding – A Square Within A Square

April 24th, 2021

Moving right along with sample making, I was thrilled to discover my nylon will bond with MistyFuse (r) to the polyester green fabric (of which I have some black and a medium grey) The nylon has a backing layer of something that makes the fabric weatherproof.

Left: square within a square bonded into place. Top right: the first little test of bonding. Lower right: nylon folded showing the backing (water and wind proofing)

This means that hand appliqueing segments of design will be much faster, because they won’t need to be pinned or stitch basted into place, and stitching won’t make the surfaces wrinkle. Also, whether to remove the stitching that you can just see in the zig-zag segments below, is no longer an issue. Even though the fine orange neon thread is a precise match to the nyon, that process leaves holes which, though they can be closed, are really time consuming to ease back into place. Pljus, pins are hard to work around when you’re hand stitching. So all in all, a happy discovery which makes a largish piece perfectly possible.

A Sample A Day

April 21st, 2021

One of the interesting SAQA conference programs I selected to listen to was on the 100 Day Project, which finishes this week. I’d never taken much notice of this, being pretty busy following my own nose so to speak, but as there was a 1/2 hour slot on the program, and I wasn’t interested in the other two options, I tuned in. It’s rather amazing in that people who joined the project undertook to do something small and creative every day and post it on the designated FB page. Participants undertook to make a sample, perhaps, or manipulate a photo on their ipad, or sketch designs – just something small, and creative, every day. Nothing had to be finished off, mounted or anything. What each person does is up to them – no one teaches or instructs anything. In the comments afterwards, one person said “Well I’ve joined the FB page, so now what’s next?” and I don’t know whether this person realised that what is next is up to her – it’s a voyage of exploration, development following a technique or design idea you want to explore and perhaps develop. We saw some lively, interesting examples of what people had done in the current100 day period, which ends this week. Quite a good proportion of people who started out stayed the course, some missed occasionally, as Life can get in the way of the best intentions, but clearly it it helped get or keep people focused. It seemed to be a sort of Group Visual Diary, very like my own blog, though I have never undertaken a one sample per day, as I tend to do a group per project then go ahead. So this is a bit different, and I will give it a whirl, it may become a good habit, though in the pandemic I am already pretty focused on my textile artmaking, as there is so much time available. Anyway, I have joined the FB group and will take part in the next one that runs through the 30days of June. And as I’m already turning my mind to new work and doing samples, I am aiming to start my (at least) one per day right now.

I had a little time this morning after I delivered my quilts to Eduardo for photography, so this pic is of what I did yesterday on the left, with today’s square within the square one, ~5cm x 5cm.

Neon fabrics and threads; landscape segments and ‘holes’ are a thing I’m exploring at the moment.
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