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New Small Works

Friday, March 16th, 2012

"Flowlines 8"

This is a 15cm sq miniature quilt mounted on a 20cm sq painted art stretcher, as much of my recent small works have been, and seeing as how I am using the lines and the grey fabric it seems logical to just continue on with the naming of them.  It’s one of several using the wonderful grey fabric.  Back  last year I did several others including this one with very Aus Outback colouring :

"Flowlines 10"

but I haven’t continued this colour group since I don’t have any of the shiny black left.  But never mind: as I said in the previous post, the wonderful thing about fabric is there’s always more.  As all quilt makers know, it may not be quite the same as you had before  -and there are some fabulous quilts both antique and modern showing the quiltmaker ran out of one fabric and used another that doesn’t quite match.  It’s an accepted part of the whole quilt heritage thing.   And that’s  OK too, as  many people believe nothing man-made can be really ‘perfect’ anyway.   Or, to put another way,  machine-made objects turn out exactly alike, unless the machine goes haywire or materials have defects, but the artist-craftsman produces things that show differences even if they carefully follow a pattern or template.

My regular readers will be interested to know that today a friend and I are to visit a Uruguayan woman who can tell me something of the belief system behind the beach offerings I find so fascinating.  She’s asked me to bring a flash drive to download some of the material she has – marvellous – and then it occurred to me to download some of my more interesting photos to take along to her for comment – which I hope will be enlightening!  Oh, and she does tarot readings too, so as its been several years since I had a reading, I’ll have one today.



From Simple to Complex Overnight

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Yesterday’s utterly simple little offering on the beach was replaced this morning by a much more complex one, beautiful in a way, too:

I haven’t seen one quilte like it.   The overall layout of the ‘installation’ is the upper left hand pic, then the other sections show different parts of the whole arrangement.  All the usual elements are there in abundance, including flowers, candles, the dead chook (as usual, the head pointing east, towards the sea) various grains of rice and corn, fruit, plus the white round things are small meringues; however there’s no fabric (but it might be hidden)   Imanja, goddess of the sea, is vain (there’s a tiny little green plastic comb sticking out of the top of one of the yellow plums) and she likes pretty things, flowers, ribbons, beads and anything blue or shiny – I couldn’t see anything shiny, but there’s plenty of blue. 

Elsewhere this morning we came across a couple of other placements of much more basic offerings, all chickens, several of which were still in plastic bags.  They’d all been beheaded and the heads were nowhere to be seen.  These felt rather joyless, lacking the careful exhuberance of the offering above,  and so possibly sinister, rather like the goat legs and heads I found grouped on the beach last year.  This is the first time I’ve seen this exact style, too.  They were all aligned with tops of necks pointing out to sea/east.

As a friend we met for coffee later reminded me, although these things can be supplications for help of some kind,  or give thanks, some of these things contain voodoo spells for harming someone.  He married a Brasilian, has seen a lot of it up there, and he personally finds it rather creepy. I just think it is fascinating; but then on the other hand I don’t expect to be put under its influence any time, either.   Mind you, I not disturb even as much as a grain of corn or a chicken feather whenever I observe one, just in case…    I would like to find an impartial expert sometime to help me ‘read’ them, know which ones are joyful and which ones are something else…. and in the meantime I will continue to photograph the ones I come across, and not presume anything from what I see.  My regular readers will already know these can be found on the shore any time of year,  but I am expecting to see more important/interesting ones over the next few weeks, leading up to Imanja’s birthday on feb 2nd.   A particular beach closer to the city is where the most amazing ceremonials and boat launchings reportedly take place on feb 2nd, and I am planning to go along there this year and check that out.

Beach Offering Today ….

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

On the beach this morning, just after 7am, walking into a strongish cold wind with the sand swirling around my feet, ahead I spotted this most unusual offering.  Considering the rising price of food these beautiful fruits and vegetables in quite a large pile with a few carnations scattered among them was a colourful sight and formed a very generous offing indeed.  A pineapple and a red capsicum/red pepper had escaped and rolled a little way – but that made a nice change from odd scattered  bird or animal body parts that are often associated with beach offerings.  To give you some idea of scale, the square of fabric they are on is a large women’s scarf, about 1m square.  I had already done the shopping for the next few days, so didn’t need to pick up any of the oranges, red peppers, cauliflower, pineapple, eggplants, avocados, cabbage, artichokes, maize and broccoli …;-p  not that I would have touched the collection in any way – I always leave them intact – although there are often early morning beach combers in the summer who do  ‘harvest’ the candles (none in this one) and presumably some of the fruit and veg at times.

 These offerings that appear year round are one of the main reasons I now always take my camera when I walk the dog on the beach.

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