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Anatomy of a Commission – Day 6

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Today and yesterday I really pushed to get the last piecing done, with a self imposed deadline of this afternoon.

The final size is to be approx 2ft x 3 ft, so this is about 3’4″ x 2’6″, as it will ddraw up in the quilting

Over the next few days I will be communicating with the client, who can if she wishes at this stage propose any minor change; and then within the next few days then it will be layered and basted. While those processes going on, and while I do things like have some overdue (about 30 years overdue!) beauty treatments, a medical appointment and lunch with the girls, I will be mulling over the thread to use in the machine quilting I plan to do, metallic gold? metallic bronze? neon pink or orange? a change of neons from top to bottom? a change of metallics from top to bottom?… or something else I haven’t thought about yet…

And then there’s the matter of to bind or face, but during the fabric and scrap auditioning phase, I found a couple of great binding potential bits, both long enough although from other projects: so, a firm believer in the ability of the mind to quietly work on this over time, I will get them out and pin up beside the quilt to look at as I decide the other things.

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Evocative reminder

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

During the workshop I held here a couple of weekends ago, I found myself using offcuts from a quilt I made last year- including a few blocks I abandoned from the final piece, for one reason and another. Showing cut-throughs and getting the really fine slivers in they were helpful – I pinned them up during the class, and over the past week or so these two have been calling to me.

Firstly with a reminder to take a few such things with me next tuesday when I leave to lecture and teach for the Arapahoe County Quilters, where it all started for me way back in jan. 1988 when I attended my first ACQ meeting with a then new neighbour in Denver. I am really looking forward to seeing some old familiar faces besides the several I have kept in touch down the years and am combining this trip with brief family visits to the offsprings in N. Colorado and over in E. Maryland.

Secondly, though I would like to be fiddling along the lines suggested to me in these pinned up little snippets, I really need to focus on completing the single bed quilt for grandson #2 who now qualifies for it having overcome the hurdle of sleeping all night in his own bed. Of course this has not snuck up on me, I have just been procrastinating, but the block construction is well underway, perhaps 25%, and I plan to knock the rest over, today, if I can stand it… but might be forced to include some arrangement of plain blocks without any piecing in them to more quickly build the top! Posted by Picasa

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