Stencilled Gold Shapes+Stitch

Back in 2012 I did some stencilling samples for a work “Tidelines 8-12” that was exhibited in an Australian exhibition, “Golden Textures” the following year. I cannot believe I have been carrying this little image around in my mind since then, and can’t find the actual sample anywhere, but I’ve been pinning grids, and yesterday decided I needed to do something with this idea.

stencilled-shape-with-stitc1.gif (400×400)
A 2012 sample of metallic gold paint and machine stitch ...
Neon orange nylon cut to form a grid template, gold paint brushed over

I’ve now realised the hole in the fabric template I used was much larger than I remember; but I’m liking the idea of a small, intimate grid, with holes more oval than this first lot I made today, and much more irregularity, too.

So I did some free machine embroidery with matching gold thread, and comparing it to the sample I remember but can’t find, and clearly that one was not free machine stitching, and I think that first effect is nicer.

Overall, a pleasing effect for a first foray, with more to come.

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