Stencilled Gold, 2

Following up on yesterday’s experiment, I hand cut a new template, less regimented – and again using gold paint, this time on black. Again the template was stitched into place with wandering horizontal lines. I used a much bigger machine needle knowing that with bigger holes a line of tiny dots would be left once I removed the template. And I used a cotton thread, figuring this might help wicking the slightly watered down paint through to the fabric beneath. Great result.

I could even use the very very blunt large needle I have (to puncture holes in leather) to get even more pronouced dots, and it’s not inconcievable that I could texture a whole area with masses of lines of dots… that might be useful some time.

The results speak for themselves – a really great result. I think I’ll do some hand stitching on this and mount it on a 20cmx20cm canvas stretcher, of which I have several sitting around.

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