A Sample A Day …

Still thinking about landscape segments and how to applique them, hoping to work out a process of using fusing to avoid hand basting of such little pieces into place before oversewing.

I fused silk segments onto the green polyester – and they stuck together long enough to go in and out of a spring loaded machine embroidery hoop a couple of times – but by then, in places the silk had started to lift, so on this fabric I wouldn’t be able to set them all out and fuse them all before starting the oversewing.

In the upper row of segments, I varied the sitchery and really loved the third/right end one, which I then repeated in the square.
  • If the two bonded fabrics were natural fibres, not synthetic, laying them all out and bonding into place before stitching should work well.
  • I also found leather bonded onto cotton really well, but held the iron in place too long, so the edges of the leather curled a bit, so tomorrow/soon I’ll do some serious samples using those materials.
  • Neon green polyester fabric and neon green polyester thread … might as well for the sample, especially – I just have so much of that stuff, probably still about 2.8km 🙂

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