Edges And Holes

November 23rd, 2015

Edges+holes mean lace or a lace effect, often. Lace effects have always interested me.

Timetracks 7 edge close up blogholes web 2



But here I’m thinking of edges that are a bit ambiguous – altered, perhaps mangled, or not well defined.

holes web 1

edges ambiguous blog


Border crossings are so interesting, being as they are the ‘edges’ of a country. Last week I read that Chile and Peru are at loggerheads over a piece of land approximately 10 hectares in area !   Talking to a Uruguayan customs officer at a crossing check point while waiting for Mike to get a replacement key for the rental we were driving – long story and it was years ago –  I was struck by a phrase he used –  ‘our porous borders’ in reference to smuggling activity at all levels from the petty to the serious, and impossible to really control.  Certainly, you can stand with one foot either side of the border out in a field or on a back country road; and trade goes whichever way the currency conversions favour at the time.  Border places are so interesting, being as they are the ‘edges’ of a country.

Today’s samples –  each about 10cm square.

edges 1 blog

edges sample 2 blog




Workshop Follow Up 2

November 21st, 2015

A small collage piece, sample really, approx 10cm sq employing some of the things on my mind just now….

collage 1 blog

.. stencilling, freehand machine piecing, machine and hand stitch, hand drawn elements …

Where are the stencils available?  I cut them myself from template plastic using an art knife and my own pencil line drawings.  The two I actually used above are from a group  of variations of the traditional one I always think of as the rising sun –

sunrise block blog

-not sure what its name is but I always think of it as that… or sunset I guess, depending which way you’re looking at the time.  Isunrise 2 rotated blog_edited-1



I’m a keen hand stitcher/embroiderer from way back, love combining paint with stitch and over the past few years have enjoyed its renaissance in textile art.  Mixed media is the term you hear a lot these days.  Perfect.

Just Make a Sample

November 10th, 2015

“Who knows what happens if…?”

This question, about technique,  materials or equipment often comes up on the several fibre or art quilt chat lists I subscribe to.  It’s asked by people who consider themselves to be creative or even innovative. The obvious  answer is “Why not just make a sample and see for yourself?”  In the time it takes to post the question and wait for any replies, often the matter could easily be settled to the questioner’s satisfaction. Learning by doing is one of my mantras. (Sometimes someone wants an answer to a question before they invest in some expensive art supplies, equipment or sewing materials, and I do get that)

I wanted to know the potential of some things I’m thinking about at the moment, so here are a couple of samples from this morning.  First, a scrap of bronze leather on a piece of scrap fabric told me what I wanted to know about sewing into it (must look for that leather needle)  and attaching the leather onto scrap fabric with the threads I had in mind.  Hmmm…. that leather is nice, and there’s a lot of potential there for I have in mind.sample hmo 2 blog

This next one came to me in the wee small hours of the night, and I was not sure I’d remember it the next day, so put my watch onto the other arm to remind me :-)    The scrap of tan was cut to no particular shape before hand, but before gathering around the edge, it was sewn to the background cream. Satisfying, a lot of potential there, too suggested by the jottings I typically put on a sample.

sample hmo blog


Workshop Follow-up

November 7th, 2015

The carding strap was the object that I really focused on in the workshop –

carding strip blog

for its lovely spiral shape and lines.  Earlier this week I cut some stencils of the spiral shapes, and today did some fabric and thread samples, some of which I photographed.  I added a couple of the cut and paste exercises I did in class, and assembled these  into a collage to show the variety of possibilities I have been thinking about so far.

NWM workshop follow up samples blog


It’s Friday Again, So Have Some More Fish.

November 6th, 2015

A souvenir snapshot of a catch made on a fishing trip at Esperance Western Australia, on which our son Ivan was the only successful angler, and he’s justifiably proud of his impressive snapper.  He can probably remember how I/he? cooked it and how wonderful it tasted, though I confess I don’t remember that. However the the sun-bleached hair and golden tan attest to hours and days spent on the beach and in the water there. Well probably mornings on the beach, really, as Esperance summer afternoons are often windy and cooler, if not downright cold.  The water’s always cold there, IMHO.

Ivan 8 holding fish_edited-4











 I admit/confess to taking this oddly composed photo ! And we have quite a number similarly shot in the 80’s,  These diagonal pics are usually of people, mostly single figures, but sometimes a small group.  Encouraged by the square photos produced by that particular camera, I’m sure I thought such photos were sooo interesting, ‘creative’ even.  Good grief.


In Douglas Adams’ book “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” the dolphins really tried to warn humans of the danger from the Vogons who were on their way to demolish the planet Earth.  But the humans didn’t understand the dolphins’ very physical communication movements, and thinking they were merely very clever entertainers, rewarded each dolphin trick with fish treats.  At last the dolphins gave up on their efforts to warn the humans, leaving them this message as they fled the planet : “So long and thanks for all the fish” which of course makes perfect sense.  According to Wiki this phrase has been adopted by some science fiction fans as a humorous signing off, and so here, at the end of the fish treats on friday series, I’m using it to sign off today.   It’s the end of the series only, though, and of course I will resume it if  that particular muse strikes again :-)

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