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New Bed Quilt, 4

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Having reached the target number of squares, 169, plus a few spares, for the new quilt for our bed, I’m now starting to put it together! But with workmen in several places around the house at the moment, progress has been slow this week.

I started with a basic block theme as per the square in the upper left of this sketch, but from time to time as a new variation came to mind, I added some of those. Overall it’s more varied than I expected than when I began this project.

Variations on a theme – the upper left block is close to what I started with, though that had straight lines. By adding and subtracting lines and seams, making them curved or straight,

I’m pleased with the livelier colours now that more citrusy and warmer greens have been added.

Sewing up the first 7 x 6 group of blocks, ie 122cm x 142cm, 56″x 48″ finished, another 7 x 6 blocks, then a 7x 7 group and a 6 x 6 set will give the right number to the total top.

Colour distribution is extremely important, so I sorted the blocks into heaps of squares in broad colour groups, like citrus, strong yellow, aqua, strong blue, light greeny blues and green, although this is only ‘helpful’, not absolute. By taking a square from each pile to place in every row, and making sure it is not next to the same colour anywhere, I think the result will be evenly distributed colours as in this first quarter.

I’ve found that it matters not one jot which way the squares are oriented, because their differences have become apparent and interesting, and there are lines pointing in every direction ­čÖé

The spare blocks might come into play at the end if something stands out as ‘wrong’ where it is, as one can be substituted by just undoing the seams around it and sewing in the replacement, though I hope that doesn’t happen too many times. If none of the spares are ‘suitable’, I have enough of the two browns and most other fabrics to make something particular if needed.

Update – I found when I got to the last group there were too many strong greens. so made and substituted a couple using the lighter, geeny citrus.

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