New Bed Quilt, 2.

As I’ve been out of the house for much of today, progress for 3 days might seem slow with 18 squares, but there are so only about another 150 to go, she says with a blithe waive of the hand and a broad smile. I think this will all average out at about 6-8 squares a day, which means the piecing should all be done by early-mid November. There’s no doubt with all straight sewing, this is working up more quickly than it would if there was a curve in the design, at least the way I do them, pinning each curved seam before sewing – that adds up over a large project like this.

Right now I am ready to cut into some lovely citric, greeny-yellow fabric, and there are many more different fabrics in the colours from warm turquoise blues and warm greens that will add up to a lovely colour scheme.

Also, at the moment I’m showing them pinned in rows of blocks oriented in the opposing direction, as per this pic:

An early pic with one layout possibility. Pairs of fabric pieces are being cut freehand and pieced, and as the number grows other possible layouts will be explored. There will be no sashing or borders. The edges will be bound with doubled french binding, showing about 1cm in the front side; my preferred edging technique.

I like this look, but will fiddle with other layout possibilities, such as groups of 4 with all the triangle corners in the centre of the 4 piece block, and will post a pic or two in another few days, so stay posted.

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