Strips of Stripes, Continued

A few days ago I made and published this audition sample with a view to a new work featuring strips of stripes made up of the thousand or so small scraps and snippets from several projects in the blue-green colour range, including last year’s SAQA Benefit Auction quilt.

Green Mosaic, 2022, 12″ x 12″

Working this very improvisational way, it’s not logistically possible to cut each snippet individually – it’s like prepping veggies – you do a whole lot at once and then get to work using them. Late last year I scored a heap of luscious hand dyed offcuts from fellow art quilter, Lorraine, so there were many blue-green bits to put together here. Once I’d posted it, I noticed how the short row, of darker fabrics oversewn in black and grey, really receded towards the back, compared with the strips of lighter brighter colours that appeared to be closer. Well, of course I knew this bit of theory, but seeing it reminded me that this is something I can exploit in my next composition.

Lots of machine stitching later, I have a collection of groups of strips of the green-blue and green-yellow groupings, ranging in depth, but length of about 5″, that I’ll cut into wavy lines and stitch down with black thread into a grid outlined on black fabric:

Groups of strips in dark and light groupings, some of which are ambiguous.

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