Odds And Ends

I just finished the work I’ve been writing about, and for the moment, at least, calling it “Odds and Ends”. I commenced it at the start of the current SAQA 100 Days challenge in progress, now just over half way through. I haven’t been posting every day, as I felt there was no point in posting essentially repetitive images every single day! For me, that was a bit different from the previous 100 day one, about 18months ago, in which I did a small sample every day

For the moment, this work is called “Odds and Ends”, 105cm x 94cm.

There’s enough of the binding showing in the above pic to see that the border is segmented, several strips at a time joined into the dark grey-brown background fabric. I machine sewed the binding strip to the back, then folded it over to the front, hand hand stitching it down in the same way as I covered all the other edges in the quilt.

As the binding was stitched down, the machine basting was removed. Many loose quilting threads were left hanging.

My regular readers know that even before a work is finished I am already thinking ahead a bit about the next – and this following sample completed today is part of that process:

Here, I’ve auditioned 4 fabrics from cream/unbleached calico, through light grey (with a touch of mauve) the dark grey/brown I used in Odds and Ends, and black. I cut wavy strips from the same sets of scraps in predominantly greens+blues, and auditioned silver, neon green, neon yellow, black and grey threads. I thought I’d prefer the sliver which isn’t exciting enough (I don’t think I’ll use gold in this case) but I really like the black (polyester sewing machine thread) against the black fabric, and grey thread against the grey. Another multi-audition coming soon.

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