Bonding – A Square Within A Square

Moving right along with sample making, I was thrilled to discover my nylon will bond with MistyFuse (r) to the polyester green fabric (of which I have some black and a medium grey) The nylon has a backing layer of something that makes the fabric weatherproof.

Left: square within a square bonded into place. Top right: the first little test of bonding. Lower right: nylon folded showing the backing (water and wind proofing)

This means that hand appliqueing segments of design will be much faster, because they won’t need to be pinned or stitch basted into place, and stitching won’t make the surfaces wrinkle. Also, whether to remove the stitching that you can just see in the zig-zag segments below, is no longer an issue. Even though the fine orange neon thread is a precise match to the nyon, that process leaves holes which, though they can be closed, are really time consuming to ease back into place. Pljus, pins are hard to work around when you’re hand stitching. So all in all, a happy discovery which makes a largish piece perfectly possible.

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