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One of the interesting SAQA conference programs I selected to listen to was on the 100 Day Project, which finishes this week. I’d never taken much notice of this, being pretty busy following my own nose so to speak, but as there was a 1/2 hour slot on the program, and I wasn’t interested in the other two options, I tuned in. It’s rather amazing in that people who joined the project undertook to do something small and creative every day and post it on the designated FB page. Participants undertook to make a sample, perhaps, or manipulate a photo on their ipad, or sketch designs – just something small, and creative, every day. Nothing had to be finished off, mounted or anything. What each person does is up to them – no one teaches or instructs anything. In the comments afterwards, one person said “Well I’ve joined the FB page, so now what’s next?” and I don’t know whether this person realised that what is next is up to her – it’s a voyage of exploration, development following a technique or design idea you want to explore and perhaps develop. We saw some lively, interesting examples of what people had done in the current100 day period, which ends this week. Quite a good proportion of people who started out stayed the course, some missed occasionally, as Life can get in the way of the best intentions, but clearly it it helped get or keep people focused. It seemed to be a sort of Group Visual Diary, very like my own blog, though I have never undertaken a one sample per day, as I tend to do a group per project then go ahead. So this is a bit different, and I will give it a whirl, it may become a good habit, though in the pandemic I am already pretty focused on my textile artmaking, as there is so much time available. Anyway, I have joined the FB group and will take part in the next one that runs through the 30days of June. And as I’m already turning my mind to new work and doing samples, I am aiming to start my (at least) one per day right now.

I had a little time this morning after I delivered my quilts to Eduardo for photography, so this pic is of what I did yesterday on the left, with today’s square within the square one, ~5cm x 5cm.

Neon fabrics and threads; landscape segments and ‘holes’ are a thing I’m exploring at the moment.

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