Sample Making With Very Fine Leather

What a satisfying morning. I’ve started making what will be a small piece, a maquette for another, larger, work in the Pandemic Pattern series. I’ll be using some of that fine leather I recently acquired and posted about.

I’ve selected a red background for danger. How to represent the now classical covid shaped motifs is sorted in principle. We see lots of diagrams and graphics of this now classic molecule in some lovely and often lurid colours, so I googled to try to find the true colour of the virus molecule. It turns out that it’s colourless, if you could see it with the naked eye and so therefore it really doesn’t matter what colour you use to represent it.

So for this first pass at this pattern I’ll use black, but I have some lurid purple and magenta, and heaps of bright orange to consider for the future. For the little spiky bits my preference is the green single thread pictured above, but being polyester it’s a bit springy and could drive me mad unless I can master better control over it. There’s always stranded embroidery thread, and black perle, so I’m still deciding. What I have decided is to not use gold because that somehow bestows positive celebrity on the wretched virus that’s devastating the whole world this year.

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