Pandemic Pattern 2 Under Way

I normally get to the binding or facing stage at least before seriously starting out on another work, even if I have an idea ready to go. The only excuse I have for currently having three works under way at the same time is that there’s a pandemic on, and here at home I need a change of activity+focus every now and then. That bag of new leather scraps has been calling me, though, telling me it is time to quit the sample making and just start!

I know that the leather is going to be great for another motif I have in mind – the coffin. The pandemic stories are piling up horribly.

Against a red background representing danger, the circular shapes of black leather are held in place with stemmed french knots in a luminescent green. Those stitches really pop out, almost pulsate, though the drama isn’t apparent in this pic.

I’m happy with the effect, and can’t wait to start on the next. Or perhaps I should go back to the little landscapes for a while. On that piece there are still a few more little Aussie motifs to embroider onto some of them, and something needs to be done about the sea areas between them all.

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