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I had a nice play around early this morning, designing and putting in place this header to sit across the top of the entry prospectus the Oceania: Distance And Diversity exhibition next May. The basics have already been announced, and the actual detailed prospectus will be sent to all SAQA Oceania region members in the next few days. I asked a few people to send me quilt images to use (there’s a slice of each one of them) and I added landscape elements from my own photos. Someone kindly commented the result captures the sense of our part of the world, which is just how I hoped it would read:

I often collage photos rather than post them in full one by one, and this next photo covers the auditioning, Phase 1.

(a) 40 cm wide fabric! (b) scraps are being sorted for ‘land’ bits (c) test applique

The fine hand woven blue Japanese cotton fabric I bought at a fibre conference or symposium at least 15 years ago, and was right at the back of my cupboard exactly where I expected to be. Untouched since I brought it home, though it has a lovely texture and I have always adored it, I’ve never considered using it – as I almost never make anything using a lot of blue. this fabric was deliciously expensive, and as it’s sat there unused, I’ve occasionally wondered why the heck did I buy it? Only a fibre artist would understand this perplexing conundrum. Now, since I’m thinking about the phrase ‘girt by sea’ , sept 7th post, then obviously I could/should consider using it right now. Entries must be 40cm x 60cm, with tolerance of +/- 1cm. In what I think must be an omen of some kind, this particular fabric is 41cm width.

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