Update – Ebb & Flow 14

The latest , very new quilt in the Ebb & Flow series, #14,  I made specifically for a spot beside the dining table in our own home here in Montevideo.  For several years ‘Desert Wind’  (1995)  had been grabbing  visitors’ attention as they came in the door, but I decided I’d like to live for a while with something of my recent work in this series, which I love, and so I made a piece to go in this particular place.    I DID plan to get it finished before Christmas, but, well other things got in the way.  The whole room looks and feels very different, and although I have always said I don’t want to live amidst a gallery of my own works, I am happy to spend some peaceful time with this one.  I may  exhibit it here, but don’t have any plan other than to have it up on our wall, which is why I am not sticking to my usual rule of never showing a new piece until it has been seen in a juried exhibition somewhere.   And, of course I would part with it if someone wants to pay the price I have on it.

Ebb & Flow 14

March 29th  Thanks to my wonderful photographers here, Eduardo Baldizan, I now have a much more professional and colour-accurate image of this quilt.  Ooooops! it turned out huge – still, enjoy this while you can – I wmay come back later and downsize it .   Now that it has been up for a few weeks it is making me think , and some of your comments are thought provoking, too.  A gallery owner here wants some smaller works …and the Maelstrom quilt is also making me think about a few things …  but a bit of procrastination shortly as we hurtle off  to the sunday markets along Tristan Navaja which we haven’t done in a while.

8 Responses to “Update – Ebb & Flow 14”

  1. Sherryl says:

    This is a very zen piece. Enjoy.

  2. Very nice, Allison! I sure would like to see a bigger picture of the overall quilt. Is this the same one you were working n awhile back and showed in progress?

  3. Jenny Bowker says:

    Beautiful Alison – and serene.


  4. Katy S says:

    I love this piece Allison! Your work is so amazing to me. I love all of it. This one is very soothing and peaceful. I hope to see some of your work in person some day.

  5. Alison says:

    Thankyou all for leaving such positive comments.

    Yes, Norma, this is the work I showed in progress, posted on November 23rd last. As I said, I had an end of year deadline in mind. Just now I went back to that post an re-read it, and I think I achieved all that I had in mind then, all except the glitter I was considering. I have a fondness/weakness for it. I have heaps of gold thread, but it looked to brassy; the silver, also heaps, looked cold and wrong. Copper wasn’t right and anyway, the quantity made me a bit nervous, and an odd pewter which I only had in a small quantity looked great. No hope of getting similar here, though, so I finally went with the toning cream thread for quilting, and it works well, perhaps better than glitter would have, really.

  6. Carole says:

    Alison, this is so restful,so… almost spiritual…I have been sitting here just looking and enjoying it. Thank you for inviting us to look at it.
    It is lovely and I am sure all who see it will praise your artistic ability.
    A piece you will enjoy for a long time, I am sure.

  7. Twila Grace says:

    I like the spareness of this piece, and the near-white background, the simplicity, and the popping of the colors.

  8. Minka says:

    This is a wonderful piece.

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