Muestra Fusion, Part B

So, here is the show, Muestra Fusion, all set up finally at a few minutes past 2pm, and with some people shots taken at various times from when we opened to the public UR and UL, to early (LL) and late (LR) evening shots close to midnight.

My goodness Petra has vision; she came up with the scheme to make technical alterations, the hanging of a false wall which hid some of the windows and much of the less than desirable nipple pink walls of the room. And she knew just the right person to do it. It was fascinating to see Caco and his assistant, whose name escapes me just for the moment, working efficiently, measuring everything carefully but fast, they knew exactly what they were doing and in what order – a well planned out series of manoeuvres.

The little downlights were poised over each of Petra’s stands holding pieces of gold jewellery, and the larger lights on the beams at ceiling height were directed onto my quilts. They were great. And so was everyone else who helped us, from the friend who came up right at the last minute with the clothes steamer we needed, to the women we hired to serve drinks and sandwiches, empanadas and cheese balls and crackers; the husbands who did various fetching and carrying things particularly Petra’s husband Eduardo, my DH was safely out in the campo working until the day or so before.

In the aftermath, we decided we’d do it again together, but never again for one day only, and preferably putting ourselves in the hands of an agent. There is at least one keen on being ‘it’ and placing both our works during the season at Punta – so who knows where that will all lead, por suerte. It was interesting who came and who didn’t. Several people who have said to me many times “I’d love to see your quilts some time, Alison…” didn’t take this opportunity; and others, who I really didn’t think would be so interested as to come 20 km out, came bringing friends and rels. You just can’t tell. We staggered home with the quilts, some leftover sandwiches, part cheese ball and wine, and flopped into bed at 2am, but were on deck again out there to clear out the rest of the stuff at 8-30 am. I was bone weary all day monday, but since then there have been several interesting phone calls as people begin following up on some of our conversations, opportunity is beginning to knock in several different directions. And the additional expense I have recently gone to having designed and printed off some brochures or follettas about my work, in spanish and english with statement “Influences and Inspirations/Influencias e Inspiraciones” some pictures and a selected cv, has clearly been a good move and well received by all who have seen and taken one.

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  1. Jenny says:

    It looks brilliant – clever clever you! Those walls are definitely nipple pink – there was an FJ Holden exactly that colour.

    The work looks wonderful – as does the tentmaker work – they will be proud. Thank you.

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