Egypt – Tentmaker Works Installed

At last, the two magnificent large tentmaker pieces we bought in Egypt are in place, and here are the pics to show these wonderful textiles in their new home. The one on the bed is in our guest room. This elegant colour combination would grace any interior anywhere in the world, and compatible to a whole range of decor styles. I would describe our home here as basically Uruguay conservative modern, with many eclectic touches by owner. So it fits in perfectly, right? The carpet is the same neutral plain light milk-coffee colour you can see in the photo of the other room, our own bedroom. These are hand applique works, the pieces sewn piece by piece directly on to the canvas base which is a bit heavier than artist canvas, possibly a light sail weight, just to give you some idea. Of course, this means they are pretty heavy, and the cover will need to be rolled back when the bed is in use. There is no further backing, so quite a bit of the stitching is visible here and there. Ref: Tentmakers blog entry for sept 9th 2007
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