Untitled, Unphotographed, But Not Unloved…

If this quilt could mount a verbal protest, several times since 2015 it would have complained ” Why don’t you ever take me along to be photographed, too?” But I found this one was not on the record anywhere, and took it along for photography when I had other things done recently:

Artist friend Kathy Loomis of KY, USA, suggested I should call this “Slide Show”!!!
Love it , and at least this work has a name, which it’s successor doesn’t yet!
Centre fabric squares fused to squares of nylon-backed Mylar, and diagonal strips also fused.

Question – why did it take so long to photograph and record in my comprehensive illustrated catalogue? Answer – simply because I made it for a particular spot in our house, the baño social a.k.a. powder room, downstairs loo etc., and put it up immediately. I’ve frequently looked at it, and seeing this image of it reminds me it really is something interesting that I’m proud of. Somehow in the following years I never thought to take it down to take it down for photography, until I replaced it recently with a newer quilt, which has also not yet been professionally photographed! So I’ll put it in with the next couple of works I have photographed in a few months’ time. Until then, here’s my own inadequate photography of that newest work – I just could not get the colours of the quilt AND the wall colour to both be right at the same time 😉 but the true colour of the wall is a pale sandy white colour called “Porcelain”, which is pretty apt!!!

Working title “neon stitched fused organza squares”

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