Grids: My Go-to Design Layout

Landscape shapes and textures feature in my art in repeated units of abstract patterns in fabric, thread and other materials, and grids remain an enduring influence of my early, but brief period of making traditional patchwork quilts when I first went to the USA in 1987.

In early 2021, I made this small 60cm x 40cm piece, Sunburnt Country, which was selected into Australia Wide 7 and is currently in Paducah, KY with that touring collection.

Sunburnt Country 60cm x 40xm 2022. Australia Wide 7 collection.

This work seemed to bring my focus back to grids, which I’ve used since as the framework for several recent small works, including this tiny little 6″ x 8″ piece for the Spotlight Auction at the forthcoming SAQA virtual conference. April 27th to May 7th.

2022 Spotlight Auction. ~1.5cm sq. Myla squares, neon yellow nylon thread
Detail, Untitled. Triangles encased in plastic 5cm plastic squares, on grey, hand quilting,
Detail, untitled, 9 Patch; fused squares ~1.5cm

I have in mind something much larger now, of between 1.5 m- 1.75m, but I’m not really sure how large it will turn out. Anyway, I’m currently auditioning treatments for the surface design:

Fused squares ~1.5cm, metallic gold thread in several configurations.

I feel this work will be about restoring order (grid) and calm through colour (soft, earthy shades) and precious values as represented by the metallic glitter always denotes ‘preciousness’ to me, though of course, “…all that glitters is not gold”.


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