Stencilled Gold, 4

Choosing another spot on the sampler that is developing, I did this little sample and like the stitched applique effect on a bit of paint that is about the size of a thumb print.

Continuing my love affair with gold glitter, I took some of the gold lame I’ve had languishing for some time in a box of exotic fabrics, added some Misty Fuse bonding web to it and pressed some shapes of it onto black cotton and some of the neon orange nylon (which I have in abundance)

The shape on black is ~3cm x 3cm, that on orange is a large thumbprint size.

Around the curved part of the shape on black, I did stiches alternating in black and gold, and rather like that effect compared to the all gold stitching. It’s an interesting option even though it means stitching around the shape twice, of course.

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  1. Sarah Nickel Ellis says:

    Dear Alison,
    I have followed you for years and have constantly learned. Thank you for your consistent and wonderful shares.
    Warm regards.

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