Stencilled Gold, 3

A few posts back I blogged an initial sample using stitch around some gold shapes I stencilled on a piece of black fabric, Those first little bits of stitching were pretty tame and tentative, really, but I’ve kept the sample piece on my design wall, and yesterday went back to add some more interesting gold stitchery onto it:

Stem stitch orbiting a gold shape, ends in a broken line and groups of stitches at the other end. Some gold thread irregularly couched down with the same gold. The lines of tiny gold dots on the LHS and towards the upper RHS resulted from stitching across the stencil without thread in the seriously blunted needle… I think I need to blunt an even thicker needle.

Now, I can envisage using that stencil again and getting exactly the same shapes, or doing some freehand splotches or even finger prints, or using a paintbrush … To be seen and appreciated of course, gold needs to be against a dark colour for the best result. And I love gold and glitter thread, so there’s something brewing somehow.

Sunburnt Country, 2021. 60cm x 40cm

However, I also have some earthy tan fabric that might lend itself to some of that treatment with say browns/greys to form a background for some little landscapes left over from the bunch I made to use in Sunburnt Country. I didn’t use them all for this piece, and feel the need to go to this subject again, but perhaps larger.

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