Lines And Shapes Continued.

This blog is my visual diary, Part A . which is why I sometimes write about my process here. This and the previous posts combine insights to process with considerations of technical possibilities. After my previous post, I spent a morning on another sample, working with the same shapes and lines based on the photo heading that post.

Beach ‘cliffs’ beside sample based on the diagram, approx 20cm x 30cm.


  • cut less vertical, wider, shapes to emphasise spreading deltas
  • the row of short upright-ish shapes is good, but could be a bit stockier
  • horizontal lines between sections are too wide
  • patchwork in some parts, fusion in others?
  • achieve more drama with contasting plain fabrics
  • consider slight slivers/dabs of colour
  • fme around the basic shapes?
  • depending on the scale, break up larger areas with surface design techniques

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