Segmented Designs 4

NA pathway blog
Mosaic design – New Zealand, N.Is. somewhere.

It would come as no surprise to my regular readers that I have always loved segmented designs, though now it occurs to me perhaps you could categorise much patchwork as ‘a segmented design’ anyway.  Scrolling through some old pics looking for this particular pathway one,  I realised my Ebb&Flow quilts certainly are segmented designs too :segmented designs blog

So the recent exploration I’ve been doing with mosaic-like designs continues.  With an eye to the closing date for Quilt National entries in about a month’s time;  I have committed to participate in an exciting exhibition in the US next year ; and some time in 2017 will entries open for the next Art Quilt Australia – so over the past 3 months I have accumulated two 90cm x 120cm wall quilts of silver mylar on black, and a third of bits of metallic finished leathers sewn onto black.  mosaic possibly Land Mark #3 blog

If it’s not finished by monday, at least I’ll have some idea of when will be a sensible time to book my wonderful photographer Eduardo Baldizan to take pics of them.   These three works are the first reasonably large sized works I’ve been able to make since having both shoulder joints replaced over the past couple of years, and I have great hopes for them.

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