SAQA Oceania Group Auction Bloghop Starts Today!

The maker of each of the 12″sq. small art quilts pictured below has donated the piece to the 2016 SAQA Online Auction , and between today and the start of the auction on September 16th, an exciting blog hop will feature in turn each of these pieces with posts from their makers about inspirations and processes used to create the works.  We’re all members of Studio Art Quilts Associates, “a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, documentation, and publications. SAQA defines an art quilt as “a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.”  For more go to



So you can start hopping today with a great post by Linda Robertus creator of ‘Colouring In’, (second from right, middle row, above) with well illustrated detail about her inspiration and how she went about making the piece.  

On wednesday 17th, two days from now, we’ll be able to visit the post by Dale Rollerson  

My own contribution, ‘Mosaic Pathway’  (top row, 2nd from left)  will appear on here on August 29th.


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