Although somehow I am unable to flip this image , maybe being 90 degress out helps see the options more clearly, anyway. At east this is better than seeoing only a little suare with red x in it in place of the photo, as faced me when I turned in to write more today. The only one of several pics I posted a few days ago. Bloody computers and Bloody Blogger, when they act together the results can be a little unpredictable.

So, these three strips pinned across the finished layers are in the preliminary auditions so to speak, for being the binding fabric chosen for this quilt. At this point I think the purple is safe but boring, the tomato red isn’t nearly as exciting as the stripe containing a lot of black. MOre fabrics will be assessed, and one finally chosen – but no rush until after the quilting is completed.

OF COURSE, before setting out to quilt this piece, I will be doing some quilting samples on scraps of fabric sandwiched with offcuts of the same batting and backing, to make sure it gives the look I want. And, I am prepared to spend however much time is necessary for this as it always pays. My machine is cleaned and oiled, a new jeans needle fitted, and the pearlescent thread I plan to use in the top third or so, is threaded, ready for samplising first thing.

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