Over the last month….

As I said, spent a lot of time on and around beaches. One can claim that beachwear is ‘textiles’ and so it has not been a textile-free time really at all. Some of the sights I saw were truly amazing although in latin amercan terms perhaps not so. Here in Uruguay it seems anything goes figurewise on the beach – and believe me, I noted many figures around my ample size and much bigger, poured into costumes that I would never consider since they didn’t cover much of the bod at all. And those thong things … can look quite wonderful on a trim taught little figure, but in other cases can be, um, awesome…. I noted a very large bosomed lady with her ipod or mpc player tucked down in her generous cleavage…there was truly one of the largest men I have ever seen ( Mr Creosote perhaps) wearing, um, bathers? that one could barely detect at the front….and a lady who a few days previously must have fallen asleep on the beach, since how else could her back have become so burnt and overlaid by tantalisingly huge strips of skin just hanging off and literally waving in the breeze? I have to confess I just can’t resist “neatening up” )ie removing, any peeling skin I am silly enough to score on my own body.

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