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Virtual Slide Lecture – Influences and Timetracks

Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

My regular readers will know that the most important ongoing influence in my art has been landscape, in various ways that have evolved over time.  I assembled this collage image for a pre-pandemic class on advanced freehand patchwork, and as an example of how ‘landscape’ provides inspiration for an art quilt, this one is perfect.  The Dairy Barn Athens OH chose the image to promote an online slide lecture I will present on June 29th.  For more information and registration, visit the Dairy Barn’s website “Timetracks-a-guide-to-exploring-influences” in their summer Quilt National Workshops series.

You could go back to the beginning of this blog early in 2005 and read all the way through from then to now, and you’d have some idea of how and why my art has developed the way it has… but you could also register for this presentation. This talk is an opportunity to present a survey of my art, and thank goodness I’ve always had a good photographic record taken of it: 🙂

Quoting from the Dairy Barn website: “Quilt National ‘23 exhibiting artist, Alison Schwabe, presents a slide lecture and Q&A, on the process of personal artistic development. Alison details how personal influences, combined with evolving techniques, can be developed into impactful themes for one’s own artwork. Landscape and geographic change have been the starting point of Alison’s creative practice for over five decades.

In addition to showing my own work with reference to particular inspirations and influences, the evening will be a learning opportunity, too: “In this lecture, participants will learn how to identify, observe and record their own sources of inspiration to translate into artworks. Alison will share specific fiber arts techniques, focusing on the importance of adaptation and exploration of materials, to best serve the chosen theme. The Q&A portion of this event will allow participants to get specific insights into the challenges and successes of long-lasting conceptual designs.

I look forward to sharing personal insights into how my life has influenced my art, and hope the that evening audience will include you.

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