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New Work, Featuring Green

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

mostly about green web


With working title  ‘Mostly about Green’,  this is a detail of a work in progress, showing  the wonderful black chintz background before and after quilting.   The quilting along the edges of the strip inserts is very bright green, fluorescent.   Green is my absolute  favourite colour, just in case the red one I posted a week or two back  fooled you  ;-p    This one belongs to my Ebb & Flow series, certainly, and although both are about colour, I think the ‘Mostly About Red’ one one belongs to the Tracks series.   If you read both series statements you might agree or not, and feel free to comment – but it’s my say !

SAQA 2013 Auction – 12″ Square Completed

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

I often get back into the swing of creating after the holidays by tackling my piece for the annual SAQA Benefit Auction – the 12″ squares that are auctioned online later in the year.

This year for the first time, pieces submitted by Oceania SAQA members are being shown together as a collection once or twice before the actual auction.  So there’s that deadline anyway for us tall to get them done and in good and early.  But a few days ago. Lisa,  SAQA Rep for the Oceania region,  called for images of any finished squares for this year’s SAQA auction to submit to magazines as promotion for the organisation in the region and the auction in particular.  And that really galvanised me.  On monday morning I got out the stencil I’d  made some time ago – sprayed some of the shiny black with gold, machine embroidered with gold, then layered, machine quilted, bound and photographed it; and sent the image off before breakfast today  – its wednesday.

Sandlines - small

I’m calling this one ‘Sandlines’ – based of course on sand ripple patterns on the beach.


Wonderful Fabric Find

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Flowlines #2, 12″ x 16″

I found this lovely plain, soft grey fabric several weeks ago on a remnant stall at the sunday markets.  It jumped up and down saying “Pick me! pick me!” and so I bought 5m @ what I thought was a good price, 100 pesos/m  (about  US$5 / meter).   It’s  cotton, about 60″ wide, which is unusual here in uruguay, and has a very slight sheen on one side.  It also contains about 5% viscose according to the stall holder.   While I worked with it during the following week, I had two thoughts – (1) ‘cheap’ as it was in Aus or US terms,  I should have haggled a bit over it, and (2) I should have offered to buy the lot – it was after all a remnant of hard to find cotton fabric, likely to never be repeated, etc.   It was so nice to work with, and these thoughts persisted, so last weekend I went back.  And after a search, the woman found the rest of the bolt which amounted to 6 and 1/2m, and sold the lot of me for $300,   US $15.  So averaging, yes it was a good price/metre.  I have also done some very small pieces using it as a background, and am having them photographed today.

So I’m happy with about  8-9 m in my stash, and will be using a lot more of this wonderful grey, until it runs out !  The stall holder is always there, I have bought things from her before, and this time left a card with my contact details on it asking her to  please phone me if she gets in any other plain cotton fabric with no designs on it.  Such stuff is needle-in-haystack value for patchworkers here.  And yet this fabric is so nice, a finer quality than any of the plains I have brought back from Aus or the US down the years.   I’ll be sorry when it’s all used up – but hey, it’s a wonderful thing about fabric that no matter where you are there is always some wonderful find of unusual quality or marvellous colour that  pops up unexpectedly to demand a purchase….

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