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3D Piece Selected For Online Exhibition, Argentina

Thursday, June 17th, 2021

From Argentina came the news this week that my entry, Black Tetrahedron, was selected into the Centro Argentino Arte Textile, the XXIV Salon of Minitextiles 2021 , and will be among just over over 100 works of artists from over 20 countries. I’m listed as Australian, but I was entering from Uruguay; but no matter – it’s the only entry from either country. The virtual exhibition goes live on Tuesday 29th of June, and I’ll post that link everywhere when it opens, as there’s sure to be a feast of eye candy to enjoy. Mine was not among the winners or special mentions, but I am just really delighted to have been selected. They called for 2D or 3D, up to 20cm in any direction – mine is 18cm every side.

Black Tetrahedron” 2018 18cm x 18cm x 18cm.

Black Tetrahedron is one of several I made in a 3D series a while back. They’re labour intensive and a bit fiddly, but fun to make, and I posted several others here

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