Inspirations From the Earth’s Crust, 3

I’ve made quite a number of art quilts using this basic idea of landscapey shapes against a background, literally diagrams in fabric and thread. This one is probably the one with the most pronounced, expressive lines echoing landscape:

“Ebb & Flow 4”, detail. Squares ~ 6cm.

While I adore freehand cutting and piecing seam by seam, aka improvisational patchwork, as in this and quite a few others in this series, I also occasionally use other techniques to visit this topic of landscape shapes resulting from the constant action of the major forces of nature that work on the Earth’s crust. The forces of wind, water and extreme temperatures actively engage in never ending cycles of erosion and deposition on every surface in the Earth’s crust.

“Earthspring”, 2009. 125cm x 100cm
“Timetracks 3”, detail. Leather
Ebb & Flow 14, 2009. 225cm x 100cm

With this and the ending of my previous post in mind, some titles I’m considering for my surrent project include ‘Cliff’, ‘Fracture’, ‘Strata 2’, ‘Landlines’ and ‘Rockface’. However ‘Timetracks 19′ is a distinct possibilty, too, because the statement for that series reads: ‘Nothing stays the same for ever.  Every landscape, man made object and living thing undergoes transformation due to decay, rapid or slow, through processes of change we know as erosion, wear and tear or aging.  These observable changes that occur I consider to be ‘timetracks’. I’m not sure why I haven’t used that title in quite a while…

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