My Favourite Stitched Square Motif, 2

If you have time, it’s always good to let your ideas and explorations settle a bit, while you focus on something else. Remember how in previous post I said I’d take a walk to consider all this? My time away from my studio was rather longer than I expected, though.

All at once, the next morning, with the cleaning lady busily and noisily vacuuming upstairs, the drains maintenance serviceman turned up and at the same time an architect came round to consult on something we’re considering doing to the house. Yesterday’s diversions included a service techie from the cable company to restore the signal to our upstairs tv, which it took him some time to discover apparently resulted from some problem in the line coming to the house. Relief that the inability to get the tv working properly was not due to either of us losing our marbles! We have tv again, but completely fixing the weak signal problem requires another tech team to come, at a time yet to be arranged.

So, I’ve had plenty of time to consider my love affair with this square+stitching.

Detail “Fused 9Patch”, 3/4″ silk squares stitched with tapestry-weight neon polyester thread.

Recapping, these are my earliest interpretations, stitch doodlings of an idea inspired by the works of pioneer generative artist, Vera Molnar, one example of which is –

SANS TITRE, 1989, by Vera Molnar

I’ve used it a lot, but looking back at what I’ve been doing this past couple of weeks, I now realise as I focused on the actual squares (applique? hologram fabric? other fabric? stamped shapes?…) the stitching itself got neater and neater, in the process losing some of the lively, wild quality my earliest doodles had.

Here’s something I did a couple of weeks back, fiddling with an idea of ‘square nests’ – part of a larger concept I won’t go into here. It’s a pretty regular grid of stamped squares and every block is stitched with the same pattern – a rather boring result, but I may add many more lines to it, or to some of the squares at least, but I certainly won’t abandon it:

And this is the back – showing that (a) I use serious knots to start and finish! and (b) I don’t always use the steps in the same orderand am now wondering if I should consider working something from the back, so to speak.

4 Responses to “My Favourite Stitched Square Motif, 2”

  1. Kat says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been trying to think of a new challenge for our local group. You inspired me to offer Dichotomy as our new prompt.

  2. Alison says:

    Thanks Kat – I’m glad you got that interesting spark of inspiration from my post! Actaully, thinking about it, that’s a great theme that you/I/anyone to build on for a whole body of work… night and day, sun and moon, hot and cold, rich and poor, hard and soft, etc etc cheers Alison

  3. Pat Findlay says:

    I think you might be on to something here. I agree that the back is more interesting than the front. But I prefer the more dense colour of the front, but maybe that’s just my age showing.

  4. Alison says:

    You’re absolutely right, Pat! and, perhaps it is age 🙂 my own is mid 70s… And, if I were deliberately following up on this, I’d consider how to paint the front strongly enough so that I could stitch on it from the back and the stitching would be part of the pattern on the front … OR I could mistyfuse some squares onto the back use them as the stitching guide – but that would make my work look very Vera Molnarish and I wouldnd’t want to do that … thanks for commenting. cheers – Alison

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