Scraps Of Inspiration, 6

With steady progress, doing at least a small amount most days, I’m now reaching the end of the quilting on this work. I’m liking the loose ends left hanging, and I’d like my readers to understand that for me, it takes some effort to stitch raw edge applique which frays a bit during all the subsequent handling, to leave threads hanging, and to have shapes out of alignment, all of which goes against everything I was taught about good craftsmanship!


As I always do at this stage of any work, I’m thinking about 3 things:

  • What will I call this work? The phrase ‘odds and ends’ has become the working title. A friend commented that this reminds him of flying kites. It is so interesting to see what ideas come into people’s minds without the prompt of a title… I’ve often said that “Untitled” is a lazy cop-out, and that the best statement about a work is a carefully chosen, brief title. So, a title is on my mind – and it may well end up being Odds and Ends, but there might be something I like better. There’s plenty of time before any entry deadline.
  • How will I finish the edge of this work? My favourite edge finishes are a very fine binding or a faced edge- but neither feels really right for this one, so I’m thinking about alternatives. A torn or ragged edge would probably reveal at least something of the plain calico/undyed muslin of the quilt’s back, and maybe something of the fine white batting layer. I’m certainly thinking about doing something like a really rough scrap binding using more of the scrap fabrics I scored from Lorraine. (sounds a bit bizarre, I know)
  • So, what will I select to work on next? As usual, too many ideas and not enough hours in the day. .And not for the first time, I’ve been thinking I’d like to work on a group of small pieces related in theme, materials and techniques. I’ve already started to work out how I’ll deal with an interesting possibility posed by this sample which I whizzed up to keep the idea in my mind, working around that favourite square motif; but a single-stitch-to-a-side-grid could probably work for a triangular grid, too.

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