2023 SAQA Spotlight Auction Donation

Every year an organisation I belong to, Studio Art Quilt Associates, or SAQA, has a conference during which donated small quilted textile pieces submitted by members are auctioned in what they call the Spotlight Auction. These pieces are small, 6″ x 8″ so in my opinion are not large enough to call ‘a quilt’… and as I usually regard this small creation as something of an experiment that might lead onto use in a major work, I think of these things as samples, and that’s certainly how I describe them on the customs documentation!

Ebb&Flow 30, 2023. 8″x6″, SAQA Spotlight Auction 2023. Hand stitched, quilt-as-you-go raw edge applique. The zigzag edges will be covered by card matte showing only 4.5″ x 6.5″

This week I took a morning to make my spotlight piece, and used the exercise as a sample to try out an intriguing fabric I couldn’t resist buying at a JoAnn’s fabric shop somewhere in my trip to the US late last year. I’ve photographed what I made against the background of this interesting fabric – a very fine polyester knit, stretchy, silver-ish but appearing as if it has an oil slick all over it. .. it’s absolutely lovely fabric, I feel every square centimetre is precious.

Such experiments teach me much about the handling characteristics of unusual materials, and in this case, the cut edge tends to roll just a little – as you can see with a couple of cut edges on the left side of the pic. Then hand oversewing fine strips over a very low loft batting in a quilt-as-you-go technique, even using a hoop to make sure I didn’t pull it tight, etc, it tends to sit in such a way as to look solid 3D. My followers know I just love glitter, and I’m happy to no longer need to get hold of some mylar just now, or to save the sachets that my favourite tea bags come in 🙂 which provided the glitter for last year’s Spotlight piece. I have warned the collector that particular glittery material is not really robust and any tension could case the glitter to split a bit, but knowing the collector personally, I doubt that that will ever happen.

2022 SAQA Spotlight piece. Untitled: mylar squares over stitched with neon green thread.

In these auctions people don’t need to attend the conference to place a bid – the pieces go online sometime in the next few weeks, and are also presented for live viewing at the conference. Each is covered with a matting board showing an area of 4.5″ x 6.5″, and that whole assembly in a sealed cellophane bag. I’ll post the link to the whole lot of this year’s offerings here when they go online.

2 Responses to “2023 SAQA Spotlight Auction Donation”

  1. Franchi says:

    Alison, this tiny piece is absolutely stunning as is! What sort of matte will go around it, like a photo? That shiny fabric is wonderful also!

  2. Alison says:

    Franchi – yes – just like a photo – it is after all pretty small – it will be displayed both online, and in real time at the conference, with a white plain matte around it. Last year’s auction pieces can still be seen though not well as it’s long since over, but you can get an idea here https://events.handbid.com/lp/2022-saqa-spotlight-auction/items I’m glad you like it!

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