I’ve Been Away – 2

At last, after all the unpacking and washing that always has to be done at the end of a trip, and several urgent banking and other life-managing things to be done that couldn’t wait, it was a bit tantalising to unpack things like the large quantity of scraps and snippets I was gifted by a fellow textile artist :

Some of the gifted wonderful scraps of hand dyed and screen printed fabrics.
I love hand stitched raw edge applique…
Method testing of scrap strips – machine piecing, bonding web and hand stitch.

In 2019, I used this technique of over sewing of raw edges strips for a small work “Bush Colours” https://www.alisonschwabe.com/weblog/?p=5818 . It’s always bothered me a little that those strips didn’t stay entirely flat but sort of rose up in the middle, and I’ve since realised that although I love the raw edges and don’t want to ditch them, by using a little Misty Fuse or similar bonding web along just the middle on the back of the strip, the fabric will stay flat when it’s been stitched over. I use a hoop of frame to avoid the fabric being pulled sight, as I have a tendency to pull the stitching a little tight.

L- fabric backed with fusible web before cutting and ironing into place R – fabric without fusible backing produced very pronounced frayed edge

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