Yes, It Took A While, But It’s Finished

Today I made and attached three hanging sleeves to the backs of quilts.

After almost two months working on this first piece, today I finished it off by attaching the hanging sleeve. I’m still mulling over the title – Concentric Squares isn’t interesting enough… though at this point I’m wondering if the squares themselves aren’t very interesting, either… Nah… I’ve just been too close to them for too long!! I know I’ll feel a bit differently when I’ve stopped looking at it every day for a while.

At the start of the hand quilting process, and by sheer luck I had a thread in my stash that 100% matched the grey background fabric.
I edged it with a binding of the same not-quite-white nylon organza I used in the outer row of squares. As a binding it was was a bit fiddly since it almost frayed just when I looked at it – nevertheless, was worth the effort, and it’s a good photo of the nice shiny binding, I’m sorry I couldn’t get the clarity of the stitchery but I’m sure Eduardo’s photos will be spot on. Very soon.

The next was for this one, Caribbean Crush, finished a couple of months ago, though as my works hang on the wall they really aren’t finished until the sleeve is on the back… but I was needing a change of activity and itching to start work on the next 🙂

Caribbean Crush” shown here in the process of having a border row added. I then added a backing before doing some minimal quilting and applying a facing.

And the third sleeve was a replacement one for “Slideshow”, which needs to be shipped soon to SAQA for inclusion in its exhibition at the 2022 SOFA Chicago expo I’d snipped a couple of holes in the sleeve to have it fit over hardware already in the wall where I hung it in our house until recently – so sporting a new sleeve it’s more fit to be seen.

“Slideshow” 2015 ~100cmh x 125cm

2 Responses to “Yes, It Took A While, But It’s Finished”

  1. Pam says:

    Wonderful work Alison- it has been great to see the deliberations and the progress. Yes, you are too close to appreciate now – but we can. Thanks.

  2. Alison says:

    Thankyou Pam – your comments are always appreciated.

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