Very Small Pieces, 14

I expect this will be the last post on this little series, as I’ve now finished and posted the last few samples of the 100day challenge that ends in three days’ time, on Nov. 10th. I made them all the same size, mounted most of them over squares of foam core, lacing them as shown in this photo –

Two samples, one showing mounted fabric laced at the back.

There are a few set in or on heavy duty clear plastic, so l now have what might be described as a set of 100 mis-matched drink coasters. However, they sit nicely in several re-purposed handy see-through plastic containers which contained certain foods from our supermarket.

Stencilled squares, cretan stitch.
Leather arcs, hand appliqued in orange neon thread.
Fused silk organza, hand stitched with gold metallic thread.
Stencilled squares, hand stitched with gold metallic thread.

Most of the other participants in the challenge are nearing the end of a quilt or other project they’ve been making in this time; several have made a few small projects, one or two have approached and practiced fabric dyeing methods, and there are a few who’ve used their time to sharpen up drawing and photography skills. Several times in the last 3 months I’ve been asked by someone what I am going to make out of all these little pieces? Each time, I’ve answered that in effect I’m not making any ‘thing’, explaining that I always intended these little pieces to be a set of exploratory samples of materials and techniques, a more orderly approach than I have had to sample making in the past. (and which it would be a good idea to maintain, too) I found as time went on that they also reflected my developing interest in several design motifs for textures and larger features of a couple of new works I now feel very keen to start. This combination learning and planning project may in time have an additional bonus – if I ever have another in person workshop teaching opportunity, at least some of them will be handy to take along for reference and inspiration.

I’ve been excited by some of the results, and others have shown that they are, at least for the moment, not something I want to pursue further. Because these samples are not meant to go together, I won’t even try to take a photo of all 100 of them; but if you’d like to see more of them, go to my Instagram page


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