Very Small Pieces, 8

A while back I wrote that I intended to do some circles in squares, but didn’t show the result. At 3.25 there isn’t really the scope for interpretation in stitch that I had in mind, inspired by the painter Jeffrey Allen Price whose work I included in that post, and I will do something larger with room for stitch embellishment. Lame circles, on overlaid sheer squares. Machine and hand stitched with metallic thread.

But interestingly, quite a few people liked it and commented on the private FB page for the challenge. I think I must have missed something, not being sure what the ‘reboot’ refers to, but if it refers to recharging the creative batteries, well, it is definitely showing in what the challenge participants are doing. Fused silk organza circles, hand stitch. Someone commented she liked the mid-century modern feeling this one has – fair enough, as I’m a mid-century modern myself!
3.25 Fused red fabric circles with neon red hand stitch Fused silk organza overlaid rings, with metallic thread.

Up to this point, most of my posts have been of circular shapes, but there is one of overlaid squares which might appear in a future post, and I feel I will do something with triangles.

I said right at the start that what I was interested in doing in the challenge was explore samples of textures and stitch with view to some new, larger, work. Several people are working on drawing skills, someone’s experimenting with mono printing, someone else with eco prints, and several doing improvisational piecing. A few are using the challenge to finish off some projects. Several people who began with plans to end up with a quilt at the end of it have reached a point where their daily offerings are now showing what they have in mind to achieve in the 100 days.

Several times lately I’ve had comments or questions along the lines of “I will be interested to see this when you put it all together”… I’ve gently explained several times now that these little pieces don’t belong together, that they are samples only, auditioning ideas for new works. I know I am in the minority, as most art quilt makers do very little sample making, even when trying out something very new. It’s a shame, as making samples saves plenty of unpicking.

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