Browsing With Pinterest, As You Do

Instead of reading the news online, as I normally do ‘over breakfast’, this morning I delved into one of the Pinterest advisories from my overnight email. This image interested me:

Fabric manipulation – texture of circles added to fabric, by Diane Deziel, see link below.

and I followed the link to the YouTube video and watched how Diane Deziel did this, and wow, how inspiring!! At first I thought that to try this I’d need someone to laser cut heaps of circles for me – but not so. As she demonstrated, it’s something any of us could easily do at home.

Though the video showed me how I could cut heaps of the same sized circles at once, I didn’t 🙂 but instead cut uneven mismatched ovals, and by her method machine stitched them onto heavy duty clear plastic (always with ‘sheer’ in mind) You can just pick out the clear plastic if you look carefully at the photo, and the lines of stitching you can see are edge to edge on the plastic, anyway. It’s all food for further thought.

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