Browsing On Pinterest, As You do …

On Sunday morning I spent a little time browsing over a second coffee, procrastinating just a little before returning upstairs to work on Pandemic Pattern 5, the current work in progress (WIP) There are still about half a million stitches to go 🙂

PP5 – WIP: stitching coffins coronavirus style.

Well, really, the browsing was triggered by updating my SAQA contact information, which then meant updating my social media info, including Pinterest. One of my collections is contemporary hand stitch, and that prompted me to follow one of the daily links that Pinterest emails me. I generally scan them quickly before binning them, keeping one or two aside until my next browsing session, which is often on a sunday morning.

My eye was caught by a delicious sounding collection – Little stitch sketches – pinned by someone called carlacorbinart, where I found lot of small stitchy things of various mixed media compositions and some possible samples. Most were delightful. Some favourite mixed media stitch artists pinned there include Helen Terry, Roberta Wagner and Debbie Lyddon. My eye was particularly taken by a striking image of what I think is not stitchery but a painting or print: “Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) – Mikanji by Rosie Nangala Flemming”. I certainly pinned it, and have begun following carlacorbinart’s pins.

I’ve often said that I tend to see lines as ‘stitches’; and this inspiring image really set me thinking about adapting this approach as textural stitch/applique in the surface design of a Pandemic Pattern series work …

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