Lines, Marks And Stitches 8

I have elected to go along with appliqued annuli, and for this section am finding it’s actually easier and faster to hand baste these down as I go. While I have gone further than in this pic, I have deliberately maintained a mix of sizes and thicknesses of the rings, and the two solid ones you see here had centres cut out after all – didn’t look good. In fact, once I work through all the annuli I have already cut out – another 50 or so, I think it will be even quicker to cut just the full ‘circle’ shape, sew it down and then cut out a middle bit.

It’s a large project, and it’s just as well as my enjoyment of the process isn’t flagging. Every now and then I find some way to rationalise, economise on effort or speed up the time for a step, and hand basting this area is one example.

The zig-zag stitching you can see is machine basting, to be removed. In a different light from the photo I put up in the previous post, the black fabric and the soft gold colour of the fabric are both clearer. This excellent quality photo was taken by my phone, and really shows up the stitching super clearly. The zone of circle patterning is roughly 25cm wide.

As I stitch I have time to either listen to recorded books , or put the radio on to a favourite music station and think about ‘things’, including my next projects, which will be a quick one in the Stitch Club workshop series, and then the next Pandemic Pattern. Yesterday I finished off a Great Courses lecture series on the Ancient Civilisations of North America, and today I started listening to A Time For Mercy by John Grisham. I have Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s In Her Own Words waiting, and I will soon return to Michelle Obama’s Becoming in which I was interrrupted several months back.

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2 Responses to “Lines, Marks And Stitches 8”

  1. kathy loomis says:

    Stitching is looking good!!

    I enjoyed both Time for Mercy and Becoming. Right now am reading Barack Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father, and recommending it to everybody I see. I did a lot of reading over the summer about social justice and racial inequality, by both white and black authors, and Obama’s book is the one that I am finding the most nuanced, the most honest and the most hopeful. You might try that one next if you haven’t finished the project!

  2. Alison says:

    Thanks Kathy – I’ll put it on the list. I alternate fiction with non-fiction, and it won’t take me long to get to it, as I’m listening and stitching about 4-6 hours a day at present.

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