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From my “no education is wasted department” today comes this amazing pompom idea, and I thank Sophie, writer of  the blog, The Things She Makes, for her kind permission to use this image –felt flower pompoms

This intrigued me so much that I clicked on the link to the blog to view the tutorial on how to make them.  Every step is so well set out and clear that I think I will never forget how to make one should the need arise.

In the same browsing session, probably the same page, my eye was caught by the image of a pompom of a tiger – looking amazingly tigerish.  I tracked this down to a very busy crochet and craft site, which features animal pompoms on this page    Take a minute to scroll down through the selection of recognisable animals and a group of birds sitting in a basket!  (I can hear a voice or two saying ‘Aren’t they adorable!’)  There are many more images here , including the tiger one photographed in someone’s hand – just scroll down a few rows depending on your browser.

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