Wonderful Leather

Upper pic One of my dearest friends, W, a fellow fiber artist, attending a sale somewhere in Perth during the past few months, noticed a decent sized scrap of black leather, about a fat 1/4 equivalent, and thinking of me, bought it for when I next turned up there, bless her. So she gave it to me while I was there in early july, and I brought it back here. It’s fabulous, beautifully fine and soft with the most amazingly landscapey texture stamped or etched into it. I have pictured a little au naturel beside a small snippet over which I lightly rubbed gold wax – and, I have some metallic machine sewing thread the same colour. Even as I write, something’s brewing around this.
Lower pic The leather that I blogged ( 22/6/08, Leather Factory Visit) has been calling to me to experiment. The leather as I bought it, with my cut-out, is beside another piece waxed with pewter. I just love the metallic waxes, and was fascinated that a ceramic artist friend in West Australia also uses it to highlight some of her works. The texture of the chemically treated hide lends itself to really fine handcut shaping. Sewing across it without thread in the needle, adds more texture – see gold below.

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  1. this too will pass says:


  2. Alison Schwabe says:

    I see by your blog you are a man of few words, although in real estate you probably utter quite a few of them in any one day. It’s impossible to evaluate your one-word comment but being a positive person I’ll take that way. You have more of a way with photos, though, including the interesting profile one above. cheers – A

  3. this too will pass says:

    Hi Alison; it was meant to be a positive comment; the patterns you create on the leather are very attractive; like veins on a leaf. best wishes, Charles

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