An Eye Catching Fence

Returning from the annual Anzac Day observance this morning, we drove along Mar Antarctico, Punta Gorda, a street we haven’t taken for many years.  Looking lovely and lush (its been raining  off and mostly on for the last ten days) with many trees showing autumn colours, we took our time and eventually parked near a property wall I’d never noticed before.

pelicans punta gorda bog

These fantastic pelicans really caught my eye. So much nicer and more elegant than the lions people tend to have on fences and beside entrances.  As you can see in the photo, the garden behind that is pretty bushy and apart from not being able to see much though the foliage, a serious Alsatian dog inside the gate really discouraged us from trying to see more.  What little we could see looked very interesting; and if anyone knows who lives there I’d love to see inside sometime!  As we were returning to our parked car the security guy who patrols that block slowly rode by to check us out. Funnily enough as I returned to our front gate after walking the dog just now. a very respectable seeming, grandfatherly, fellow was outside looking up at the house next door.  Ours is the middle of a triplex –  so I stopped outside our gate and we got chatting for a few minutes about the architects and so on.  I told him I didn’t think any were for sale, but if he was really interested to contact our local real estate people or drop a note in the letterbox some time. Perhaps I should go back and do the same !

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  1. Alison says:

    I’ll need to go back for another look – I’m not sure now that they’re pelicans, and am now wondering ‘storks’ ….

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