A New Work

The thing with sheers has taken a hold, and working fast, on monday I completed something I began on sunday afternoon.

This multilevel piece has a rough unfinished edge, show to the far right of the photo – which was taken against a cream background. There are strips of sheer black fabric and loose black and gold threads lurking behind a goldy, very sheer nylon organza. When all was sufficiently attached down, I then took my woodburning tool (it has several different tips) and burnt some of it away … this is a very expressive, possibly even therapeutic activity… and I can totally recommend it….. but the burning needs to be done outside to avoid any fumes – and my luck is that it’s freezing here just now; but I will rug up for the next one. I even have some mitts (open fingered gloves) to wear on my hands while working outside. I have been doing holes in organza sort of samply lacy things on and off for ages, but with this work the raison d’etre for what I thought was going nowhere all came together in a satisfying way. It has given me more ideas. Apart from laciness and the grid thing with leather that I have been a bit occupied with, it also suggests elements of change and decay, the defining essence of my Timetracks series although I may not name this as one of that group. May not name it anything.

I have entered this new piece to be considered for an exhibition, (and so have not published a full view) but it is also in a way a sample for a much larger work I have buzzing around in my mind, and which I will get a start on this evening before I turn in.
July 13th I am happy to anounce this piece, “Decay” has been selected into the group of 30 Australian 50cm x 50cm quilts that with 30 from new Zealand and 30 from South Africa will form a 90-quilt collection of small quilts to tour over the next 2-3 years as the “My Place” collection, and will be seen first in South Africa in September this year. Once the catalogue is out, I will put up a full view of the piece.

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