My Corner Of The World Exhibition

I’m happy to announce this recent work, Purnululu #7 has been accepted into SAQA’s  My Corner Of The World exhibition, opening in Ontario, Canada, May 21st next.  Purnululu # 7_edited-1

It’s not the latest, but one of the more important ones of the Bungle Bungles series, and I’m pleased someone thought it as good a fit to this exhibition as I did.

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  1. paula says:

    Lovely piece Allison, congratulations! Where do I see the rest of the Bungle Bungle series?

  2. Alison says:

    Well Paula they’re not all available to see – but this time I broke my usual rule and showed a piece before it was exhibited, as SAQA said there are no restrictions on publishing anywhere before the exhibition, so thought it would kick start my 2016 blogging off with zip. I blogged about them a bit in April and May with some partial views of WIP, and in the following post have put a couple more up.

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