To Dot, Or Not To Dot… That Is The Question

to dot or not

I commented in a previous post that the addition of gold paint dots is very permanent, so once I start, there is no way to stop.   I’m still mulling this over.

On the left of this pic is the first finished quilt in this series.  There was a lot of positive response to the possibility of doing dots when I first posted on FB, asking my friends whether or not to continue the dots….and so I went ahead, with a great result.   However, the one beside it., right, with the red ochre binding, is a lot larger, and a totally different design.   It’s also much more recent.   (I don’t think it gives too much away  – for non-art quilters,  there’s this ‘thing’ about previously ‘published’ works being entered in certain art quilt calls for entry)

bb6 quilting 1


This most recent in the series shows a portion, above, in very close detail.   I have heaps of this gold thread on hand, exactly matching the gold pinspot/black..  As I work, there’s lots of  stopping and restarting, with approximately 50% of thread wastage; but as I toss those offcuts to the floor around the waste basket, I don’t mind one bit knowing I have plenty on hand  🙂

3 Responses to “To Dot, Or Not To Dot… That Is The Question”

  1. Jackie says:

    thanks tor visitng and your comment. As you say, there is never enough time, aren’t we lucky. Pleased you were brave enough to dot.

  2. Some lucky fabric company ought to snap you up as a fabric designer! Cannot wait to see the complete works…and hoping you’ll enter them in a show that’s close to where I live!

  3. Alison says:

    HI Eleanor – thanks for commenting – you’re in Pennsylvania I see, I am planning to enter one in a US call for entry, and if accepted that would be on your side of the country I think. Otherwise a couple of them are planned for showing in Australia 🙂 – but hey if you’re coming down Uruguay way let me know !!

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